How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Lilies

About Lilies

Lilies add style and scent to any garden.

They bloom throughout the summer months

All the way to the fall season, based on the variety.

About Lilies

With their bright,
star-shaped flowers, lilies add the summer garden a star-like appearance

Lily Flower Uses

Lilies are a strong form flower with equally sharp lines.

Therefore, even a few blooms in a vase create an impact.

Lily Flower Uses

Lilies are among the most sought-after flowers in all the world.

The lily’s flower is a plant which is part of the Liliaceae family.

When to Plant Lilies

Bulbs planted in autumn will be well established roots when they come into spring.

The bulbs will benefit from the cold winter weather to create large blooms

When to Plant Lilies

In regions with severe winters, it is worth planting in the spring. 

Lily plants grown in containers can be planted at any time during the summer

How to Care for Lilies

water freely

Keep the roots of the lily cool.

Use a liquid fertilizer that is high-potassium.

How to Care for Lilies

Spread a thin layer of compost every spring

Reduce dead stalks towards the end of autumn or early spring.

Types of Lilies

1.Oriental lilies.
2.Trumpet lilies.
3.Indian lilies
4.Canada lilies

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